How Window Boxes Add Value To Your Home

The global movement toward the downsizing of living spaces – and the United States has been no exception to this trend. The downsizing trend has been influenced by a variety of factors. These have included the increasing percentage of the population who have seen their now adult children leave the homes where they grew up, the need to economize, and in the case of young professionals the attractiveness of the ‘lock up and go’ lifestyle. All of these are playing their part in increasing investment in homes such as townhouses and apartments that require a minimum of maintenance.

The recent limitations caused by lockdown regulations have revealed anything it is that even the smallest of spaces should provide the occupants with the opportunity to enjoy the soothing influence and beauty of green and growing things. This has led to many people investing in window boxes. However, window boxes are not only for small homes – they are an attractive and functional addition to every household.

What are the lifestyle benefits of window boxes – and why are they experiencing a surge in popularity?

The fact is that the sheer variety of flowering plants can add a touch of color and attractiveness to the exterior of the home. They also provide owners of apartments and smaller homes the opportunity to grow herbs and other edibles for home consumption.

Flower boxes planted with attractive species of many types also draw the eye of those who are passing – and as a design feature, they also draw attention to the architectural highlights of the home. In this way, they can increase the ‘curb appeal’ of the home – and for those who have placed their property on the market this can increase the number of buyers visiting the home, increasing the possibility of a higher asking price and reducing the time it takes to complete a sale. In short, well-cared-for window boxes increase the marketability of a property.

Growing herbs and other edibles in window boxes does not mean sacrificing the attractiveness of the species that are most comfortable in the box. herbs such as alpine strawberries, cilantro, sorrel, and lemon balm. Are all attractive. However, the striking nature of violets and violas, and other flowering plants makes them perfect for window boxes.

There are also a number of dwarf varieties of popular herbaceous plants that are wonderful additions to window boxes. These include miniature thymes, dwarf ‘Blue Boy’ rosemary, compact varietals of oregano, dwarf sage, and the many miniature species of parsley, dill, basil, and chives.

Those who opt for window boxes should take a number of factors into consideration when making their choice. The window boxes should be corrosion-resistant, allow for efficient drainage, and be suitable for the plants that will be grown in these attractive additions to the property. Many homeowners opt for the popular copper-finished stainless steel and earthenware versions of window boxes. For those who are in search of a rustic ambiance, Terra cotta and wood-clad boxes are also popular. Acrylic window boxes can provide a durable and cost-effective choice.

Wood Window Boxes

Window boxes are a wonderful addition to any household. For those who take pride in the appearance of their home – or want to enjoy homegrown herbs, a window box is a perfect addition to the property.

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