How Do You Make Any Room Feel Bigger?

If you wonder how to make a room in your home feel bigger, knocking down the walls isn’t the only way to do it. Whether you rent or own a home, there are plenty of interior design techniques that help make any room feel bigger and bring more functionality to the space. Did you know that the average American living space has increased from 500 square feet in 1973 to 1,000 square feet in 2015? But some of us love to live in tiny homes for many reasons. Tiny house sales have been increasing with each passing year with a sudden whopping increase of 67% in 2017. This article provides information on how to make any room in your home feel bigger.

Paint With Light Colors

Interior paint plays a crucial role when it comes to making any room in your home feel bigger. Light paint helps maximize the appearance of any space in your home. For example, beige, white, light gray, and light blue are some of the best paint colors for interior rooms – when you want them to look bigger than their actual space.

But it doesn’t mean you have to stick only to these colors. In fact, you can have some fun with colors by mixing light and dark colors and having an eye for proper balance. For example, you can opt to paint 2/3 of the vertical space of any room with a vibrant color and the balance 1/3 with a light or neutral color.

Put Up Some Mirrors

Mirrors play a very similar role to windows in a room when you want to make any space look bigger. Mirrors will reflect the room space back at you and essentially double its size. On the other hand, mirrors can take a flat space and bring in some depth and dimension to the space. You can also hang a mirror near a window in order to reflect natural light back in from another angle.

Bring In The Light

Did you know that dark spaces essentially feel smaller? Yes. That’s why real estate agents tell their clients to leave the lights on when showing the property. Let in more natural light and swap out opaque curtains for sheer ones to make your room feel bigger. if your natural light isn’t cutting it go check out your local lighting store for some lighting inspiration.

Be Strategic With Furniture

Choosing simple delicate furniture can create the impression of more space in a room while still having functional pieces that pull the room together. A well designed wooden coffee table works brilliantly for this.

Clear The Clutter

Keep the space tidy and organized by clearing the clutter. In fact, too much stuff makes a small space feel more cramped.

4 Techniques to Make a Room Look Bigger & 4 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

When your space is organized and neatly arranged, it will usually feel orderly and open. On the other hand, don’t cover the walls with too many pictures or photos. Minimalism is best for small spaces. For example, you can opt for one large painting on the walls to make the space feel bigger.

Create An Established Focal Point

Creating an established focal point is another way to make your room feel bigger. For example, in a dining room, the focal point is the table while in a bedroom, the focal point can be the bed. The focus should be drawn to that specific area.

The aforementioned article provides information on how to make any room in your home feel bigger.

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